My Creation: Turing Animation Project (2017)

My animation project I created in a introductory cs course. In the animation, a group of animals attempt to escape a lion. Check out a run-through of the animation

Grade 11 CS Final Project: Robot Creator

For my final project, I created a program in which the user can generate a robot with various different designs for different physical features, and then save and open files from a directory using BufferedReader and FileWriter.

Grade 12 CS Final Project: Dress for Success

Specific clothing-related challenges kids may face is dressing for the different seasons and weather conditions (rain, snow, sunny), for activities like sports which have special apparatus like running shoes or helmets, and for formal or cultural events. Clothing is a pillar of self-expression and a point of distinction between the world’s different cultures/religions.

The ability to identify the special meaning of pieces of clothing allows children a greater appreciation of the associations of the wearer and act accordingly. Additionally, safety through clothing such as wearing a thick coat to prevent frostbite or elbow pads is important for children to understand. Our game aims to help children overcome the adversity that is not being able to dress appropriately or safely.

To play this game and view the source code, check out the github link here.