I was categorized as a ENTP, which stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. According to this, the Human Metrics test suggests that I can build a successful career in areas which require intense intellectual effort, a creative approach, and something that possess an intellectual challenge.

Because of this, it suggested that I can make a successful career in research, development, and analytical departments, especially surrounding academia. The most popular career paths were around information systems and engineering, as well as natural science, but the test suggests I could also go into management.

I think this is a somewhat accurate representation of myself. I enjoy being in groups and interacting with other people than being around, and enjoy working in group settings. I think I’m good at rapidly dealing with problems as they occur, and balancing multiple commitments while focusing on specific things when needed. I also agreed that I try to be an optimist about the majority of scenarios, but sometimes when small setbacks occur, I can become frustrated.

This is something I work to improve, by being able to handle the occasional failure or issue and work through it. This is something the ENTP personality type has, according to the test, so I found that accurate. However, I feel that when I encounter larger setbacks, I can take it as a challenge and try to tackle it with more determination.

When I read the analysis of the ENTP personality type, I also agreed with the idea that ENTPs work to find connections between anything and developing them, or the connection of theory to practice. I like to take theoretical ideas or concepts, and see how these can become more practical and feasible.

My learning style when trying to gain new info about a subject is around the question of how I can solve a given problem. I think this is true, and that I am very motivated and interested in trying to take a problem and develop good solutions to them, which is why Engineering and research might be an interesting option for me. The key goal of engineering and computer science is to build things to solve problems. This is something I really internalize with and so I should consider this when considering career pathways.