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<aside> 🖖 Hey! I’m a 17 year old passionate about applying computation to drug discovery at the intersection of graph representational learning, natural language processing and molecular property prediction.


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What I'm looking forward to!

👨‍🔬 Incoming computational research intern at Nurix Therapeutics in San Francisco, a public biotech company where I will be working on using large-scale DNA-encoded libraries (DEL's) and high-throughput screening to discover protein degradation drugs for immuno-oncology.

☀️ Mentoring developers as part of Google's Summer of Code for the DeepChem Project!

⛰ Remote-working in Vancouver, British Columbia while hiking and exploring nature with friends this summer.

🏫 Graduating from high school in June of 2021, and currently applying to computer science and engineering programs.

What I'm up to right now!

🥼 I work on computational drug discovery and machine learning as a Research Intern in the Aspuru-Guzik Group at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute. One of the projects I help develop there is SELFIES, a 100% robust molecular string representation for machine learning models.

💻 I’m currently working on democratizing deep learning for the life sciences with DeepChem, with the mentorship of Dr. Bharath Ramsundar from Stanford University. There, I work on developing sequence and graph-based models for understanding structural biology and chemistry. In Oct 2020, I published ChemBERTa, a large-scale transformer for molecular property prediction, accepted into the NeurIPS ML for Molecules Workshop.

🔬 My research is supported by the Emergent Ventures Fellowship, selected by Dr. Tyler Cowen at the Mercatus Centre and funded by the Thiel Foundation (Press Release).

🧬 This fall, I helped create Biodojo, a training ground for the next generation of biotechnology innovators in high school and undergrad. We've capped our first cohort at 25 members, around the world from Hong Kong to Toronto.

What I did in the past!

📈 I worked as an ML intern on the Applied AI team at, an enterprise software company building a consumer insights platform for Fortune 500 companies.

📊 Data analytics consulting for Fortune 500 companies like Fasken Law (Addressing attorney attrition with automated onboarding systems), Walmart (mapping demand in the supply chain using data wrangling software), and Wealthsimple (increasing engagement with key consumers for the RESP financial product).

🗓️ Organized one of Canada's biggest medical innovation events, donating $6k to SENS + Sick Kids.

More about me!

🌱 I’m currently learning NLPgeometric learning, and neuroscience. 🧠

⚙️ I use pythontensorflowpytorchsklearnpandastransformers, and dgl

💬 Ask me about geometric learning, natural language processing and computational chemistry.

🥋 In my free time, I enjoy practicing Taekwon-do, writing, and playing the piano.

👨🏾‍💻 Check out my Github for more previous work!

Currently looking for new opportunities to grow and provide value.

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